Jun 3, 2011

Countess Dracula

Countess Dracula is other name for Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory. This is because Countess has murdered many innocent virgin girls and number was roughly estimated as 600 girls. It said that Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a very beauty conscience lady who also practiced black magic and she used to target the poor young virgin girls from the nearby town for torturing and murdering.

Castle view of the town below

According to her Black magic assistant who said to the Countess that consuming and bathing in virgin’s blood will stop ageing and will retain her youthful beauty. So with the help of her Black magic assistant, she started luring young girls offering them good pay to work in her castle and these girls never returned home. The locals started suspecting her behavior as the girls disappeared mysteriously. They locals informed nearby King and so he ordered an investigation. She was found guilty as the investigators found a young girl’s dead body and a girl dying while capturing her. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was held up as house arrest in a fully closed room for four years after which she dies due to depression. She was not executed cruelly as she came from a noble family but it was believed that even during her death she looked beautiful as always.

Portray of Countess Elizabeth Bathory

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