Jul 26, 2010

The Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skulls are considered to be one of the most intriguing mysteries in our world. Human size skulls made from a variety of quartz crystals have been found near or within ancient ruins for over the last 100 years. No one is quite sure how the crystal skulls found their way to these sites and who made them, as some of the older skulls show some precise workmanship. The local people believe these skulls have an energy or power.

There are numerous reports of people being cured of all types of illnesses and life threatening diseases. Many people report that there lives change in a dramatic way after being in the presence of a crystal skull. The indigenous elders the crystal skulls are connected to their prophecy of a transformation for our world and that they contain incredible universal knowledge.

It is the goal of the World Mystery Research Center to work with all types of scientific devices and systems to determine if we can explain why the crystal skulls affect people so powerfully. Why are the crystal skulls also discussed in the controversial bible code? Do they have some connection with ETs and the UFOs? In this section we will continue to offer to our readers a glimpse of the actual research that is going on behind the scenes.

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