Mar 2, 2012

The Mystery of Human giving birth to Animals

Women giving birth to an octopus

Ima Dumbas Florida gave birth to the 6lb 20z octopus It would sound strange to hear human giving birth to animals but few womens have made it possible. A US woman has given birth to an octopus, becoming only the second human in history successfully to do so.

Ima Dumbas, from Tallahassee, Florida, gave birth to the 6lb 20z octopus at the Takeyawalletout Medical Centre following a normal labour, and is reported to be doing well, though having to be kept in a specially-salinated birthing pool.

Ms Dumbas said that her new offspring was the result of a holiday romance, adding, "these things happen. I was checking out the rockpools and I saw his dad. I'd had a few drinks, and - well, one thing led to another".

Women giving birth to a frog

An Iranian woman gave birth to a frog in a bizarre labor in the southeastern city of Iranshahr.

Iranian woman gave birth to a frog Gynecologist Varasteh, who confirmed the report said the woman whose period had stopped for six months underwent a sonography in May which showed she had a cyst in her abdomen, wrote the Farsi-language daily E'temad in its Sunday's edition.

Following severe bleeding, the woman who has not been named gave birth to a live gray frog accompanied with mud.

Varasteh believes the frog larva has most likely entered and grown in the woman's body.

Other physicians argue that the larva has found its way into her body while she was swimming in a dirty pool, turning to a frog after the fetus has grown. And some specialists blame genetic disorders, saying the so-called frog has similarities with the human's fetus.

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