Jul 26, 2010

Spiritual Healing

Can anyone receive a healing energy, can this be trained? What is the source for spiritual healing, a universal force or spirit? Is the power of the mind related to spiritual healing in some way?

Throughout the world, if one explores each religion or spiritual philosophy, we will find evidence of special or gifted individuals who can perform what appear to be miraculous cures of people with all kind of health challenges, including life threatening illnesses.

How is this possible? People who have been documented to have such abilities, in some cases have been tested by scientists using a variety of devices. And it has been shown through these tests that somehow the energy contained within the healers body is elevated to a great degree at precisely the time they begin to focus on giving a healing energy. Also there are some special parts of the world where the force of the earth is very powerful and we find individuals who are able to perform surgery without the aid of any medical tools whatsoever.

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