Jul 19, 2010

The Mystery behind Mona Lisa painting

Lisa is a painting with many questions. It's the smirky little smile. What is it that it's attracting people? Mona Lisa is just a weird, questionable painting. I don't know what Da Vinci was thinking when painting that smile -- and not a pretty one.

The painting itself is mysterious in which I'm curious about. What is the sense of looking for a mystery of such painting? Why is the Mona Lisa smile super important? Who decided for it to be so mysterious? Is the Mona Lisa smile mystery a technique for the French so that they can get the money from a lot of people so that their economy continues to grow?

Mona Lisa is from the greek god and goddess amun and lisa. The painting symbolizes their union. Amon was mixed around to spell Mona. I read that the Mona Lisa was a self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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