Jul 20, 2010

The Giant Corpse Flower

The Giant Corpse Flower can reach heights of 6 feet with the largest ones recorded at 9 feet (that’s the flower). The plant part of this flower actually reaches heights of 20 feet.

The Corpse Flower is also unique because its extra large flower produces a wicked smell equal to rotting eggs or a dead animal (thus the name…Corpse Flower).

The Corpse Flower is native to Sumatra, an island in the Indonesia. It thrives at the edges of rainforest near open grassland. This flower grows well under a thin canopy to get both the benefits of the rainforest as well as sunlight. Also, there is enough space for the plant portion to grow 20 feet high, 15 feet across, and 170 pounds in weight.

For all its grandeur, the actual flower only stays for 2 days on average and then disappears for another 1-3 years.

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