Aug 10, 2012

Holy Sock: Face of Jesus

Sarah Crane, 38, supposed she was stunned when she saw a bearded man staring back at her from the laundry line. Her boyfriend agreed the wrinkled grey "holy sock" bore an uncanny likeness to the traditional image of Christ, and the couple took photographs to show their friends. They even talked about creating a shrine to the sock but then the face was lost when they moved it. 

Miss Crane, from Orpington, Kent, said: I'd left the washing out to dry overnight - and it had probably been sitting there a bit too long when I noticed the face in the sock. I called my boyfriend over straight away - we could both clearly see the face of Jesus in the sock. I immediately took some pictures to show our family and friends - they all thought it was hilarious. 

We think it's a bit of a sign - but for what we don't know. We thought it would be good to make a little shrine for it - but unfortunately, when we moved it, the creases fell out a bit and the face isn't quite as clear now. But you can still just about make out his face. Unfortunately, it's not quite good enough to donate to our local church, but our friends have all been round to see it. The sock is the latest in a series of everyday objects on which people have claimed to seen Jesus.

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