Jun 22, 2012

Visitors of Our Planets: Aliens

Have we been visited by Aliens? This is unique a question that has been asked again and over again. The most popular mysteries, celebrated in books, film and television is the assumption of aliens. Whether or not extraterrestrials have visited our planet is a query whose respond is the life’s work of few researchers. The thought of aliens has captured the imaginations of some and put terror into the hearts of others.

Dr Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 became the sixth man to walk on the Moon in 1971. His views on space, aliens and our planet are compelling and unique. Since 1947, when an alien spacecraft apparently crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, aliens have been part of popular society.

However, there are also theories going back thousands of years of spacecraft and alien visitors coming to our planet, including depictions of what looks apprehensively like a flying saucer depicted in a lot of untimely drawings. The proof for aliens having visited us is compelling but every person will have to make up their own mind.

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