Jun 5, 2012

The First Human: Fly In the Sky Using Wings

Yves Rossy, a Swiss plane pilot had a dream many of us share, to fly throughout the clouds, akin to a bird, except not like most of us, he chose to in fact do something as regards it and in 2006 he became the foremost man to fly with wings and four jet engines impoverished to his body.

The wireless engines in the wings work as 'amplifiers' for Rossi’s own arms, allowing him to flap wings that would or else be faraway too large for a solitary person.

On Wednesday he took to the skies in his astonishing vehicle in his foremost public revelation in Bex, Switzerland, in the Swiss Alps. The exploit also included an urgent situation parachute landing, planned to without delay deploy if he blacks out. It was an astonishing 6 minutes-performance that showed the world flying isn’t only done in an aircraft

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