Apr 2, 2012

People Like To Import Giant Rats

Giant-Rat-New-YorkAre there truly giant rats the size of cats alive in some parts of the United States? Yes, it is true. In fact, some of these giant rats are essentially the size of small dogs. The monster rat in the picture was killed by the worker at a housing project in Brooklyn, New York.

The rat was measured to be more than 3 feet long. The maintenance worker was killed it by spearing it with a pitchfork. Could you see in your mind's eye a rat of that size crawling around in your basement? Unfortunately, intelligence said that the giant rats the size of cats is becoming more and more common and they are coming in from all over the world. A lot of people think that these are really Gambian pouched rats. Before they were banned, a lot of people like to import them into the United States as pets. But others believe that the rats are for the origin of these strange rodents.

Wherever they are coming from, they sure are scary and they appear to be spreading.

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