Dec 12, 2011

Amazing Cross Breeding of Animals


Hybrid of: a male lion and a tigress


Liger is the biggest of which alive today is “Hercules” from Miami, coming in at approximately 904 pounds. The hugest liger in reported history however, weighted in at more than 1,759lb.

2.Grolar Bear

Hybrid of: Grizzly and Polar bears

Grolar Bear

The Grolar bear appears like a pretty impossible cross-breed. Grizzlies prefer land while Polar bears flourish nicely on ice and water, but in certain inhabitable ice-cold parts of Canada there are places where the two species can meet and furiously hump from time to time, giving birth to this awesome grayish teddy.


Hybrid of: a cow and a bison


The Beefalo has been showing naturally in the US since the 18th century, and it was already in 1800 when we started to intentionally breed our cattle with the bison.


Chimera of: a sheep and a goat


The geep is the result product of combining the DNA of a sheep and a goat.


Hybrid of: a male leopard and a female lion


Usually nature isn’t that exact with its cross-breeds, so the leopon is a very rare case indeed. They have been first recorded around 1910 and bred since then in a couple of countries like Japan or Germany.


Hybrid of: a zebra and a donkey


Zonkey is cross breed which look like either a really dirty zebra or a donkey in zebra-pattern high heels, making the male zonkeys the animal equivalent of drag queens.

7.Green Sea Slug

Fusion of: animal and plant

Green Sea Slug

The green sea slug Elysia chlorotica is one of the biggest thieves underwater. The slug can very well be the first actual fusion of animal and plant on the planet.

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