Mar 14, 2011

Mystery behind young women disappearance-Ted Bundy’s

Ted Bundy

In the year 1975, Elizabeth Kendall claimed to the investigators that she had information about a serial killer named ‘Ted’ as he was her lover.
Elizabeth Kendall had previously approached the King County, Seattle police to narrate her doubts concerning her boyfriend. She felt that there is a very good chance that her lover was the villainous "Ted" Killer, who was considered, had been behind several of murders and vanishings of young women in the Washington state area. When Ted went for Utah from Seattle, the mysterious series of deaths/disappearances had stopped, only to initiate in Salt Lake City shortly after Bundy arrived in town.
Elizabeth was clearly frightened and disturbed by the chance that her boyfriend may be a traveling serial killer; she agreed to provide the investigators with all the needed information about Ted. She explained that he would regularly sleep during the day and depart the apartment after dusk fell. He would have disappeared for long hours and would seldom be ready to share with her, she never knew about his whereabouts. She also observed that his interest in sex with her wane had declined during the last year. He was interested in bondage practices and how he had strangled her one time whilst she was tied to the bed. Bundy had apparently slipped into an unsettling spell-like state during that incident. Elizabeth after that did not permit him to tie her up again.
Elizabeth confided that he had a hatchet under his car-seat and also had a sack of female underwear in his room. Ted lived a dual life and had disguises. Elizabeth was very disturbed to find a plaster of paris kit in his bathroom cabinet. This is to confirm that “Ted” had been wearing a cast on his arm when he approached two women on 14 July at Lake Sammamish Park in Seattle. Janice Ott and Denise Naslund last seen in the company of the mysterious “Ted”, who were later reported missing.
Ted Bundy’s victims were Lynda Ann Healy(21),Donna Gail Manson(19),Susan Elaine Rancourt(18),Robert Kathleen(22),Brenda carol Ball(22),Georgeann Hawkins(18),Janice Ann Ott(23),Denise Marie Naslund(19),Unknown teenage hitchhiker, Nancy Wilcox(16),Melissa Anne Smith(17),Laura Aime(17),Carol DaRonch,Debra Kent(17),Caryn Campbell(23), Julie Cunningham(26),Denise Oliverson(25),Lynette Culver(13),Susan Curtis(15),Lisa Levy(20),Cheryl Thomas and Kimberly Leach(12). His victims were raped and were murdered brutally.

Kimberly Leach-Twelve year old

On January 24, 1989, 42-year-old Ted Bundy was executed by electrocution for the murder of Kimberly Leach – twelve year old girl. These were his last words "I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." More than 2,000 volts were sent through his body for less than two minutes before he died and this was considered the highest punishment.

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