Nov 7, 2010

Nostradamus 2012 - The End of the World

According to the beliefs of the ancient Maya is our world on 21 December 2012 end. At midnight her calendar jumps to the first time in more than 5000 years back to zero. This "end date" has fascinated scholars since about one hundred years the system of the Mayan era has been rediscovered.

The next day, 22 December 2012, are the sun at the winter solstice in a plane with a "stargate" in the center of our galaxy. As this happens only once every 25,800 years, it is the first time since the beginning of history, that humanity will witness such an event. This raises the obvious question: Why invented the ancient Maya, a Stone Age people who have not even used bikes, let alone telescopes all over, a calendar, culminating in a unique astronomical event, which for them was thousands of years in the future ? They prophesied that this event will be preceded by a series of huge natural disasters. These prophecies seem especially also very alarming, because the Maya to their own downfall in the 9th have predicted century BC itself properly.

The Maya had a cyclic understanding of time and believed that following the natural order of things goes through every age a cycle that ends in the destruction of all achievements. The highlight of the book however, is the thesis that the Mayan calendar for 2012, a "cosmic visit" prophesied. Adrian Gilbert has shown that they point to both the Old and New World in the existing belief that the days on which these gates are opened, the era of the "gods" over and start again.

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