Oct 13, 2010

Weeping and Bleeding Icons

Weeping and Bleeding Icons - Statues, paintings and other likenesses of Jesus, Mary and saints that appear to weep or even bleed are routinely reported around the world; there are numerous claims every year.

One is a painting of Jesus hanging in the Bethlehem Church of the Nativity above the spot where Christ is said to have been born; it seems to be weeping red tears.

Others include: the Weeping Madonna in Toronto, Canada; the weeping icon of Mary at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cicero, Illinois; the life-sized icon of the Christ exuding pure olive oil in the Antiochian Orthodox Church of St Mary in Syney, Australia; and many, many others. Skeptics suspect fraud in all of these cases, and tests invariably are "inconclusive," making them a matter of faith.

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