Oct 28, 2010

The Amityville House

Did you ever watch Amityville House movie? The movie of the novel written by George and Kathy Lutz is a very creepy horror movie. Did you know that the movie is a true story? Many people believed that the authors are the couple who experienced the incident.

The story of the haunted house was revealed in 1975 when the couple moved into a house in Amityville, New York. This new couple did not know that at 13 years ago in this house, dreadful massacre ever happened. Son of the homeowner shot and killed all his family (total 6 person). When arrested, he confessed he killed all his family because of a buzzing sound in his head told him to do it.

But strangely, the six victims were found face down in their beds. They seem to sleep calmly, there is no sign that they were previously taking tranquilizers. This is indeed a strange mystery. While the murderer, Ronald DeFeo stayed in jail until the end of his life.

Back to the matter of the new family that moved into the house of horror. During 28 days there, a lot of mysterious and terrible things experienced by these couples. Not just about the stench, or noise, but also physical attacks that they didn’t know who was responsible. In fact, one of the family member seeing visions of sinister figure with glowing red eyes. Kathy discovered a small room, the dog did not want to get closer to there. Strange isn’t it?

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