Jul 8, 2010

Marian Apparitions

Do miracles take place? Are angels real? Does prayer work? These are some of the phenomena for which science tries to find rational explanations, and for the faithful no explanations are necessary. But the ten mysteries examined below are of continuing interest to many people, if only out of curiosity, and are subjects of genuine inquiry by paranormal investigators. In no particular order, here are the top ten religious mysteries and miracles.

For centuries, visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus, have been reported around the world. Notable apparitions include: Guadalupe, Mexico (1531); Fatima, Portugal (1917); Lourdes, France (1858); Gietrzwald, Poland (1877); among others. Claims of apparitions continue to this very day, the most well known being at Medjugorje, Croatia.

In 1968, a Marian apparition was even allegedly televised live in Zeitoun, Egypt. In these visions, Mary usually asks people to pray and occasionally makes prophecies, the most famous being those at Fatima. Skeptics regard these visions as hallucinations or mass hysteria, while other researchers looking for explanations for these events have even made comparisons of the apparitions to UFO encounters.

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