Aug 12, 2013

NASA Discovers Anonymous Pink Exoplanet

According to NASA, Astronomers have discovered a giant, bright, dark magenta planet — dubbed GJ 504b — that has the lowest mass of any planet ever photographed around a sun-like star outside our own solar system. The pink exoplanet is about the size of Jupiter, but is about four times the mass. The scientists believe it has warmth of around 460 degrees Fahrenheit.
In addition its color, the planet is extraordinary because of its distance from its sun, GJ 504 or 59 Virginis — almost nine times the distance Jupiter orbits the sun, or 43.5 astronomical units. This is among the hardest planets to explain in a conventional planet-formation framework, supposed researcher Markus Janson. Its discovery implies that we require to seriously considering alternative development theories. Through infrared imaging, astronomers have taken photos of a giant, magenta-hued planet orbiting its sun, 57 light-years from Earth.

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