Jun 27, 2013

Kitten born with double faces

A kitten named 'Duecy' has been gaining extensive attention after being born with two faces. The tiny feline is a rare example of a Janus cat, a name which refers to the Roman god of the same forename that also had two faces. Unluckily Duecy was discarded by her mother when she was born but thanks to the pains of her owner Stephanie Durkee, she is now in safe hands.
Typically cats born with these types of deformities tend not to live very extensive, but so far Duecy appears to be in good health. To help keep her temperate she is being kept in a dresser drawer bounded by heating pads and towels.
A kitten with two faces has been born in Amity, Oregon. The tiny catlike, who meows deafeningly from each mouth, was rejected by her mother and is now being hand-fed by owner Stephanie Durkee, who has named her “Duecy”.

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