Jun 29, 2013

Enormous Dual Eggs Eaid By Miracle Chicken

A Chinese chicken lays an egg that weighs half a pound, has two yolks inside and contains one more fully-formed egg. The hen has been laying these unusual items for three weeks, according to its owner. She also says she attention the bird was dying as it struggled to lay the first mammoth egg.
Each of these massive eggs weighs around half a pound, and they attract a big crowd for their traditional cracking. The goods hold even more surprises inside. Once cracked, the eggs reveal two yolks and a whole additional egg within.

The 87-year-old owner of this remarkable bird says the animal has been laying eccentric eggs for the past three weeks. Initially, the elderly woman thought her chicken was dying when she spied it straining to lay the first of its monster eggs. The ending result is incredible she has never seen before. It is unclear what is causing this bird to be so generous, but the hen's owner believes the chicken's stable diet of rice is responsible.

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